EVGA GeForce 8400 GS PCI-E or PCI-E 2.0?

Hello, I recently bought this card from TigerDirect as a replacement for a Radeon that's having issues. They had it listed under PCI Express, and it's specs say x16, but not 2.0. The box says 2.0, but on the side panel of the box it says PCI Express or PCI Express 2.0 compliant motherboard with one x16 slot. EVGA's website also has it listed as x16 (it's P/N is 01G-P3-1302-LR). My MB is a MSI RX480 Neo2 that supports PCI-E (bus spec 1.0a compliant) w/ 1 x16 slot. So which is it? Will this thing work or should I send it back? I'd like to know before opening the box.
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  1. I wondered if it was .. is there going to be any performance hit? Slower bus speeds, memory speeds, etc.?
  2. Alright, thanks. I guess if I have an issue, I know where to come. Those were quick replies.
  3. Ok, I'm having nothing but problems with this thing. I have it installed in my machine, and Windows sees it, and the drivers are installed, but it's saying "This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)" I have never encountered this problem before with any device over the last 10 years. It also can't or won't install drivers for an SM Bus Controller (?) either from the disk or anywhere else, and it has NVIDIA High Definition Audio in the device manager 4 times (though it does say these are working properly.)

    I have no idea what to do, other than pack this thing up and send it back. Anyone else have any suggestions?
  4. Have you made sure to uninstall old drivers for you past graphics card? With that error it sounds like your system might still be "recognizing" your old card.
  5. I thought I did. I had a Radeon X1900 GT in it, and made sure to go through the Control Panel and uninstall the Catalyst Control Center, the ATI Display Driver, and pretty much anything with ATI in it (aside from things that I know are for the motherboard). I've read some horror stories over the years about people that switch from a Radeon to a GeForce having issues. Aside from removing them in the control panel, what do I need to check?
  6. Also go into device manager and see what is listed under "display adapters". Try disabling any on-board graphics that could be conflicting with your new card.
  7. The only display adapter listed is the GeForce 8400GS. My MB doesn't have On Board video (bought this one 4 or 5 years ago specifically because of that to avoid those kinds of irritating conflicts). It does have on board sound, but that's disabled in the BIOS.
  8. hmmm. You went the route I would have for uninstalling the drivers. I know with a quick google of "uninstalling radeon drivers" that some information comes up on what seems to be complete removal of all radeon drivers. You could check that out if you have time.
    I also did a quick google of "geforce 8400GS code 12" and got back a few forums with people having similar problems as your self. Some people list different methods of "fixes" but I honestly didn't dive in to deep in the conversations.

    What OS are you using?

    Heres a solution I found on technet.mircosoft

    "Solution - This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

    1. Go to Start Menu-All Programs-Accessories,then right-click Command Prompt and select Run As Administrator
    3. Restart your PC"

    *EDIT: to undo that command if needed type "bcdedit /set CONFIGACCESSPOLICY default"

    Heres the link if you want to read up on it more. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc732199(WS.10).aspx
  9. My OS - WinXP 32-bit, SP3. I'll check some of that stuff, and maybe try some of the fixes.
  10. You said it had the audio 4 times in the device manager? I would disable 3 of them. I'm curious if they are "competing" for resources with your card.

    Heres a link to the drivers listed under motherboard model RX480 Neo2-F. Select your OS and make sure all your drivers are up to date.

    Let me know how those two things go.

    LINKage : http://www.msi.com/product/mb/RX480-Neo2-F.html#/?div=Driver
  11. I'm going to try a clean install of windows with updated drivers for both the GeForce and Motherboard. I've got quite a bit of crap to backup and transfer to other machines, so it will be awhile before I'll have anything to report back.
  12. Well I did a clean install of windows, used updated drivers for the motherboard, and the video card, with nothing else installed and it still does it. I've gone through and disabled a number of devices that I know I do not use, from the onboard sound in the BIOS, to the Printer Port in the device manager. I even disabled the HD audio junk as well. Nothing helps. I've tried the bcdedit workaround listed on Microsoft's website and another forum as well, and it does nothing for XP 32 - it's for Vista/Win7. I even took out the sound card - the only other piece of hardware physically connected to the PCI slots - and nothing.

    So unless someone has some miraculous idea on how to solve this problem, this card is going back in its box to TigerDirect. I think this will be the first and last time I ever buy an nVidia card. I've NEVER had this kind of trouble with ATI.
  13. Well since there hasn't been any new suggestions, I'm packing it up and sending it back. Thanks to those who tried to help, regardless.
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