What do i need in a motherboard

Hey guys.

can someone explain to me what i should be on the lookout for in a motherboard.

I will go with a gtx 680 or 690 perhaps 680 sli.
intel i7 ivybridge, not sure what socket to go with a LGA1155 or 2011. What are the diffrences? is 2011 ivy and 1155 sandy? Thx
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  1. the 2011 socket is NOT ivy bridge but sandy bridge-E which is geared towards high end enthusiasts.
    a Z77 motherboard ivy bridge, supports pci 3 and usb3 *natively* where as a sandy bridge board Z68s have those from a third party controller.

    you can use a sandy cpu on a ivy bridge motherboard and a ivy bridge cpu on a sandy mobo.
    however a sandy cpu will not provide PCI 3.0 support.
  2. Just a quick question:
    Do you plan on gaming? Video Editting? Everyday Activities?

    If so then i'd stick to the Ivy Bridge 1155 socket sets. The 2011 socket type is for high end enthusiasts, the guys who run 4 graphics cards with 4x Raid 0 SSDs (Yes I have a friend like this).

    Given that, you could go with a Z68 or Z77 chipset. The Z77 chipset is designed to run with the Ivy Bridge and comes with Ivy Bridge specific features. Different features will be specific to the board of course.
  3. LGA 2011 means it has 2011 number of pins however LGA 1155 has 1155 number of pins they are completely differ from each other.
    LGA 2011 only support sandy-bridge EXTREME cpu's some of them i7 3630x or 3690x.. These cpu's are now on mad level mean extremely fast cpu's.. They can not be fit on LGA 1155 board.

    Same story of lga 1155 which supports only sandy-bridge or ivy-bridge cpus..
    Sandy bridge... I3 2100,i5 2500k or i7 2600k they have pretty big family but those models are just examples..
    Ivy bridge.... Newer technolgy than sandy bridge
    i5 3570k or i7 3770k.
    So sandy and ivy are work on lga 1155..
    So if you'd take my advice then go with i5 3570k with asus p8z77 vpro and a gtx680...later sli it.
  4. isnt it 3930k? and i think the best all around platform right now is pci gen 3 z68 boards
  5. and what about z77 chipsets???
  6. im not saying there bad but z68s gen 3 are cheaper than z77 with the same amount of features on them. most certainly i think right behind z68 is the z77 chipset just my op
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