GTX 570 + 470?...or 470 SLI

Would I get better performance from pairing a GTX 570 with a GTX 470? Or from 2x GTX 470's in SLI?
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  1. Well, considering you can't SLI a 570 with a 470, you should go with two 470s.
  2. You cannot run a GTX 570 and 470 in SLI. Both cards must have the same GPU for SLI. A pair of GTX 470's in SLI will be very high performing and will significantly outperform a single GTX 570.

    Your only option with the 570 and 470 combo would be to use the GTX 470 as a dedicated PhysX card. However, this would be very impractical due to heat and power consumption and would only benefit you on the likely rare occasions when you play PhysX games.
  3. How about pairing a 570 with a 570?

    This would get you close to 580 SLI performance in many titles.
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