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So I've completed my first build and the thing actually booted up (hooray!!). I have been following the fantastic guide that tecmo 34 put together and am foregoing using the drivers on the CD that came with my mobo and video card and instead went straight to the site to download the updated drivers on to a usb and run them from there. Here is my question. Do I have to install all of the updates or just the most current one. I have an ASUS M4A87TD EVO board and on the site there are 9 bios updates available. Again, do I just install the latest version? Also, what about the 22 utilities that are available.

Thanks as always.
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  1. Hello xynyx;

    Run Win7 update and it will find updated drivers as well as OS updates.
    It's just that easy.
  2. As for BIOS and Utility program updates - what version of BIOS do you have installed?
    For example, if you're not using the SATA5/6 Ports (and you're probably not) on your motherboard you don't need that ver. 1202 BIOS update.

    For the utility programs - check the version and date of the release on the website against your installed utility. Let that be your guide on which you want to take the trouble to update.
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