New htpc build

I am building a new htpc and I am using this biostar motherboard

and I was wondering about this cpu which I like because its tdp is 45W

The htpc will be used for online streaming services like netflix and hulu, movies stored on an external hard drive, and blu ray discs. It will be windows 7 and I was just wondering how this build will work out. Will the cpu perform ok as a single core or do I need a dual core? I won't be doing anything to intensive such as encoding, which I use another comp for, so I don't need too much power, but I've never built an htpc before so I'm not sure. So far I am thinking that if the 2nd core unlocks that will be fine but if not then oh well, but I'm a little worried about the single core and blu ray playback. Also this build will be left on, in sleep mode, most of the day and then turned off at night so I don't want too powerful of a cpu since that will just cause more heat. Any help or suggestions would be great.
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  1. Yeah.... You probably want to swap up the components.
    That biostar Mobo is OK, but some people have had bad luck with biostar.
    Get an Athlon II x2 instead, they are only like $15 more and that sempron just isn't gonna cut it.

    I would also link the rest of the stuff you are looking at, we might be able to give some tips on stuff like ram and other components.
  2. Thanks for the help striker I'll bump up to the x2. I am buying one component at a time for this just to spread the cost out so after the motherboard and Athon II x2 I'll get some ram, maybe in a combo deal if I can find one. I haven't look into ram too much yet if there are any suggestions? I am just going to do a 32bit system so only 4 gigs needed. I was looking into getting this internal SSD hard drive though to cut down on power and heat, and hopefully speed up the system

    because I only plan on putting the essentials on it, os and media player for movies. I have a 1.5 tb external hard drive for all my media. I probably should have got a little better mobo but I read a few reviews that said its on board video would work good for what im doing so I was going to try it and if it doesn't work then I'll just get a video card and add it in later.
  3. Ok, I understand. If you are on a budget however, you might want to forgo the SSD. Nowadays, hard drives are pretty fast. With an SSD that small, you would only be able to install Win7 since I believe it eats up 30GB for the install. Also, the speeds on that SSD are SLOW. If you can push the budget, grab an OCZ vertex 2 60GB, that will allow you to install a few apps/have a faster SSD. I personally would save the money and just get an HDD, since you can boot into win7 in ~15 secs with a Spinpoint F3.
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