Gigabyte or Biostar?

Which motherboard should I choose for my intel core i5 2400 : Gigabyte UDH Z77 or Biostar TZ68K+ ?

I'm looking for the one that can deal with overheating best.....all advises are appreciated and thnx in advance :hello:

****sorry I forgot to mention earlier....its "UD3H".
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  1. can you be more specific on the gigabyte model? there several UDH Z77s such as, UD5H, UD5H-WB WIFI, UD3H . .
    but if the biostar is NOT TZ68K+Gen3 then forget that one.
  2. If you asking about brand name recommendations then mine would be the gigabyte, any gigabyte over any biostar. My opinion on the biostar is that they are an economy brand at economy price for less expensive builds that you don't need to last too long.
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