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Hi everyone! I am fairly new to upgrading pc's. Down the road I would like to build my own but will have to learn before I do so. But anyways I have a Dell Studio 540. The card it came with is the ATI Radeon 4350. Its decent I can say, I am able to play games like black ops and WoW pretty well. But games like Crysis or even Americas 3 I can't play really play on high. What I was wondering was what video card can I upgrade to which will have a better performance than the card I have now for this specific pc. I'm not too worried about money (not too much hopefully lol) but something that will help me to have a little better performance than I have now. Thanks!
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  1. You can upgrade to just about any high-end PCI Express x16 card, so since you are not worried about cost, you might want to consider either an AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series (6970) or nvidia GeForce GTX 580 series.
  2. From doing my research I saw that the radeon 4670 was ok if anyone has input on that. Also do I need to change my power supply because I really do not want to invest in that now or change my PSU because I saw people referring to that. Do you or anyone need to specs of the computer because I know some models are different in terms of what specs they have?
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  5. Sorry about that mate...I just wanted a few more opinions is all so I can correctly make a decision.
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