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hey everyone, new guy to these forums! :)

I have a few questions concerning sata ports and controllers, fun fun

I have a ASus p8z68v pro mobo, with a intel controller which supports two sata 6gb/s ports and four sata 3gb/s port and also a marvel controller with two sata 6gb/s ports.

The marvel controller is for data drives only.

I Currently have a sata 6gb/s 1tb WD caviar black for (games mainly), and a sata 6 2tb wd caviar green (music, movies and pics), both on the intel sata 6 ports, then a sata 3gb/s a 60gb ocz vertex 2 (OS)on one of the sata 3gb/s ports.

I am upgrading my ssd, to a much faster sata 6gb/s ssd, probably one of corsair's drives. So that will have to be connected into the sata 6gb/s port (where the WD green is currently connected)

My questions are,

1 - where is best to connect the WD green, either the intel sata 3gb/s ports OR one of the marvel sata 6gb/s ports?
2 - Will I lose alot of performance is i plug the green into a sata 3gb/s port?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Welcome new member!

    1. 3gb/s
    2. no you wont loose performance in fact you will have the same performance. spinning drives will not saturate sata 6gb interface, sata 6gb is means for ssd's
  2. the only thing you can do wrong is put the SSD in a marvell controller port. make sure you put in the bottom grey port.
    as alvine stated platters do not benefit from stata III
  3. thanks gents :)

    WD green into sata 3gpb/s port then.

    SSD is defo going in intel sata 6gb/s port.

  4. I was having the exact same situation as yours, with different brands :)

    I ended up with the same suggestions as well, so I put the SSD on one of the Intel SATA III, and the other HDD drives can go to any of the remaining Intel ports (I put one in the other SATA III and the other one in one of the SATA II, they are the same drive btw; I also put my blu-ray burner on SATA II)
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