Advice on $700~ build

I haven't built a new PC in five years or so, and my budget was around $800 going into this, but I am satisfied with this build as-is. I am mainly just concerned about everything fitting, sockets, etc. matching (I tend to overlook these things) or glaring problems with the build.

COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 case

ASRock mobo

PNY GTX 460 Fermi 1gb

OCZ 600w PSU

Generic CD/DVD drive

Kingston HyperX 4gb

Western Digital 500gb HD

i5-2500 Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz

It totals around $670.

My main worries are about keeping the system cool (I want to buy everything (now) that I need to keep it at safe temperatures even on full load) and everything fitting.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. ^ Will you be overclocking your PC? Though I can see from the parts, you might not but just confirming...
    And what will the PC be mainly used for ??
  2. Newegg has deal now, check the linker

    the combo (i5-2500K) $560 and GTX460 1GB $120, and the case in the combo is better which has more bigger fans to keep you computer cool.

    Yes, if you want to OC yours i5, you need buy the CPU Fans & Heatsink.
  3. I know little about overclocking, thought I know plenty who know plenty about it. The PC will primarily be used for gaming.

    That looks like a great deal. Thank you.
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