First Build Thoughts and Memory Advice

hey,im building my first computer:
Intel core i5 2500k
PNY Gtx 570
MSI P67 Mobo
Seagate barracuda 500gb hard drive
Corsair Xms3 DDR3 Ram
Corsair GS700 watts
Haf 922 Case
TTESPORTS Shock headset

Is 4GB enough for gaming or should I buy more
any advice is appreciated
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  1. ^ 4GB would suffice for gaming, and anyways you can add more RAM later one if you want to,...
    Apart from gaming which is the most demanding task that you do in your PC ??
    Also get the Corsair 750W PSU as it would better suit GTX 570 SLI if you are planning for it,...
  2. Thanks , only watching Movies maybe i dont do any CAD work or anything like that
    could I use 6Gb or do you have to have certain specs for that
  3. ^ Always go with RAM sticks in the numbers of 2 or 4 because when populating 2/4 RAM slots will run the RAM in dual-Channel,...
    So either go overkill with 8GB(2x4GB) or stick with 4GB for now and later upgrade,...
  4. Given the relatively cheap mem cost these days, I'd opt for an 8gb kit (2x4gb) initially if using Win7-64bit
  5. 8GB will eventually quickly become the standard. In fact, its proving to be an asset even with 32bit systems. A quick look over this actual site should produce a recent article on this very subject.
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