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I would like sound to my receiver from s/pdif which i already have and I would also like to setup desktop speaker system. In the past I had this setup from my towers vid card but if I was at the computer I had to switch the sound settings and if I went back to tv I had to switch settings on computer to s/pdif out. Can I add an additonal sound card or is there another way
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  1. Does this question not make sense? Or is it in the wrong area of the threads? Can I get some input from a member?
  2. If I understand right, you want to output to two seperate devices: TV via SPDIF out, and desktop speakers via analog. You do not want to have to manually swap outputs.

    Unfortnuatly, you don't have any other options. Windows can only output to once device at any given time; there are a few ways around this, but none that apply in your case. Your only option is to manually swap the output depending on the device you wan tot use. Adding another sound device will not help, as only one can be active at any one time.
  3. OK then I suppose. You would think someone would have addressed this in windows 7. I know I'm not the only one using multiple video outputs of course u will need multiple sound outputs as well. Thanks for the info.
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