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I have recently installed a HD3870 gpu into my Foxconn G31 motherboard, PCI-e x 16 slot. The current graphics are integrated and I have read that I would need to disable them before I can update the driver for the dedicated gpu, however the HD3870 is not listed anywhere in device manager, there's no automatic recognition of the card and so I was wondering if it is faulty. I did purchase it on e-bay which i'm thinking was a mistake as the packaging it was sent in was not suitable at all (no anti static or any padding at all). My psu is not up to spec (it's 300w-350w peak) but I wanted to test that the card was working before i bought a new psu or at least that it was recognised and compatible with my system. The gpu fan is spinning when my system is powered on but would the lack of power affect the card being recognised? Is this card broken? Any response would be greatly appreciated ,thanks!
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  1. You have to go into your BIOS and disable the integrated graphics from there. It should be somewhere under the chipset configuration, you have to change your graphics device to the PCI Express card. Save and exit, the display signal should then route itself through the video card. Go into Windows, and then install the specific drivers for your card. After that, it should work, provided you don't blow up your PSU in the process.
  2. Thanks for that i'll give it a try.
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