Can't access Raid Array

Processor: Inte Core i7-2600K
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 4 x 4 Gigs
Graphics Card: ASUS HD7870-DC2 Radeon
Tower: Thermaltake Element G Mid
Power: Thermaltake W0382RU Modular Power 750 Watt
Hard Drive: 2 Corsair CSSD BK Force Series 3 SSD's 120GB (attached to the 6mps ports)

I have gone into the bios and changed the Sata to Raid from AHCI. On rebooting, I see for a split second a screen that says 'press Ctrl+I for configuration', but no matter how fast, hard, or timely I press it, it just skirts right past it and onto the splash screen then Windows Install.

What am I missing? Want to get this setup to Raid 0 as my OS/Program install devices. I have a NAS with 9TB of available space, so I'm aware of the risks, but if the drives fail, I won't lose anything i can't recover.

Any help?
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  1. Bios is 0402 which isn't listed on the Asus site, so I assume it's the newest greatest version.
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    If you're sure you have the BIOS set correctly (e.g., RAID enabled), I would just suggest holding CTRL and tapping I well before you see the prompt.

    Also, remove the Windows install disk until the array is built, this may buy you some time.

    And if the BIOS is set to POST/Boot on a full-screen logo, you should disable that, that should/could buy you a couple more seconds. (BIOS/Boot-tab/"Full Screen Logo": set this to 'Disabled')
  4. I had already thought the Windows disk was the culprit, so I pulled it (now just getting them boot manager error). I'll disable the full screen logo though. Didn't think of that. I'll report back once I've tried this. thanks.
  5. That seemed to do it kind of. Basically, this bios has an extremely small window of opportunity to type CTR+I. The way I got into it was to press CTRL while the machine was booting, then once the first screen pops up, just start mashing on I. Took me 3 tries, but it finally got into it. Raid is setup and looks good to go! Thanks a ton
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