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Hello, I am looking to build a very low power rig for sole use as a server containing all my music to Subsonic (a service that allows you to stream music to your mobile device from a home server for free). It needs to be connected to the internet 24/7 and hence it must use as little power as possible. It only needs very low specs.

I have a load of old components lying around I may be able to use, but I dont mind buying new stuff. I also want it as cheap as possible. I am competent at building computers, so I should be able to do pretty much anything. What would you guys suggest?

I live in the UK so the sites i would use would be


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  1. Sounds like an atom system, either custom-built or off the shelf, would do the trick for you. Low specs, low power consumption, small size, and pretty cheap (you can easily build one for under 200 USD, possibly even under 100).

    If you are up for some major tinkering and dealing with Linux OSes, you could try one of the ARM Single Board Computers. They have low specs, incredibly low power consumption (read: under 5W max for one that I've had the dubious pleasure of working on), and have a completely different architecture than any desktop/server.
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