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For the comp ill be building soon, im debating on whether to use a P67 chipset mobo, which i dont think can do dual x16(correct me if im wrong) or to take a step back and get a mobo with the X58 chipset which can do up to quad x16. Can someone clarify for me what the performance differences would be for todays games?
Thank you
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    ...there you have it. :D There is a slight difference, but nothing really all that meaningful when it comes to real-life performance. I doubt you'd notice it - a better LGA 1155 CPU would probably make more of a difference with a dual-card setup than the lane bandwidth would. Just my opinion. ;)
  2. The difference between x8 and x16 is minor, and the added expense of a x58 motherboard and CPU, combined with the superior gaming performance of the LGA1155 CPUs means that it isn't worth getting a x58 platform unless you want more than 2 graphics cards.
  3. There will be no difference in performance:

    "The Bottom Line
    If you are running on a 30" display at 2560x1600 or below, an x8/x8 SLI or CFX configuration will perform the same as a x16/x8 or x16/x16 configuration. The only time that you should even be slightly concerned about running at x8/x8 is when you move up to a multiple display setup."
  4. Thanks guys, really appreciate it
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