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Hey guys, need some help with my new build...

Got an Asus Z68-V Pro with an i7-2600;

I've just finished building my system and tried to boot; needless to say it went wrong.

When I power it up, the CPU LED lights up, then everything goes down again. Two seconds later the system reboots and the CPU-LED is on again but it's red. The strange thing is that the cpu fan isn't going at all... I'm not really sure what to think here, I hope someone can give me some advice.

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  1. Just checked in out case !
    Maybe short circuit, black plate behind motherboard contact with case, use large plastic for isolation that.
    And check psu !
  2. don't think it was the psu, I've disconnected everything and even connected another psu to the mobo but got the same thing. No power seems to be going to the cpu at all, I can't get the fan or aux-fan to even work (tried connecting different fans as well).

    I think it the mobo might be dead, which would be annoying since I bought it yesterday... I'm gonna try and change it; if anyone else has an idea, I'm really appreciative of any advice given.

  3. Try running the board out of the case, you must have the CPU fan running for the computer to boot.
  4. I've tried out of the case but no go; like I said, the strange thing is that the cpu fans aren't working and I'm not sure what that means but I think it's important :P

    I'm getting no POST or bootup at all, heading off to the shop to change the mobo; hopefully that'll fix it.
  5. mobo was DOA, took it back and got a new one
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