MSI A75A-G35 - HDMI and DVI


From what I've read in manual, I have to manually change jumper on MB to change between DVI and HDMI, but unfortunately I'm used to changing between TV (hdmi) and monitor (dvi) several times per day and it would be kinda pain to have open case and change jumper every time.

Is there any way how to switch between them without opening case? I don't need them to work both at the same time. I just want to switch between them without switching jumper.

Thank you.
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  1. Sorry no, you will have to result to the jumper method.

    Also please help me out, i have the same motherboard as you, its great however i have temp reaching 80 called fintek, can you please run this program, and scan your computer and see if your getting high temps like me.

    thanks alot in advance

    I just want to make sure , its if bad reading, or something is wrong in my mobo.

    here is the high temp, which is 72C
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