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I want to run three screens with a single GTX 480, now i know this isn't possible, but there was a forum a long time ago i cant find that had a software program(or ini files) that allowed you to run a crappier card such as a 9500gt(what i plan to use) to run the third monitor but have the first card do all the work. can someone please find this program. i plan to buy a gtx 480 in a few hours but i need the program or any help that allows me to do it. im running 3x 24in 5760-1080. thanks for any help.
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  1. Do you want to play games across all three screens like in surround or eyefinity or do you just want work on the three screens?
  2. Actually either way it will work. If you want to work on three screens you can just pug 9500 in and go. If you want play games you can use Soft th http://www.kegetys.net/SoftTH/ to play games like cod 4 and 5. Other than that you are out of luck because it has to be a direct 3d game.
  3. Ah, gotta ask, why don't you just buy a 6970 is you want to run three screens ?

    Believe you need to install two copies of the NVidia driver, one for each card. Not sure how your applications would see that. You are running Win7, right? (I believe that would make this easier....)
  4. sorry bad advice, thought you already had a 480, go with the 5970 like he said and use eyefinity.
  5. I had dual HD 5850's and they just wouldnt run right. So i wanted to try Nvidia, but i already have three screens. I bought a 5870 eyefinity 6 edition instead.
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