Can you connect to more than 1 pc behind a router with tightvnc

I have 3 pc's connected to a dsl router. when I connect remotely I can only see pc A. HOW can I connect to pc B & C?
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  1. What are you remotely connecting to? You won't be able to see the computer by name, only by IP address.

    Port fowarding will be required. You'll want one port to send to computer a, another port to send to computer b, and a third port to send to computer c.

    By default most remote admin programs use port 3389. So you could set up port 3389 for compa, 3340 for compb, 3341 for compc.

    When you go to RDP you would select your IP address that currently connect you to compA but specify port 3340/41 for the other computers.
  2. All pcs only listent to port 3389 for RDP so inorder to port forward the connection to the desire IP using a different port you have to change the port number on the PCS first. You cannot just use any port an spect the PC to just listen to any given port.
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