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3 fans, 2 connections


I have an HPp6677c with a H-ALVORIX_HF-RS880-uATX (Foxconn Model 2AB1 (1.00) Motherboard ), (HP/Compaq motherboard name: Alvorix-GL8E.) I can only find 2-ea 3-prong motherboard fan connection: SYS FAN, CPU FAN. I have purchased 4X4GB DDR3 ram and a fan with which to cool them (HyperX.) Is there another fan connection on this board of which I'm not aware, and, if not, how would you suggest installing this fan; so the motherboard can control the speed and temperature controls?
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    You may not be able to connect it so that the mobo can control the speed, but you can connect it to a molex cable and run the fan. What you need is a 3 pin to molex converter.
  2. If you can confirm the ampere rating of th CPU header and the fans, you can gang them up and put two fans on one CPU header. For example, I oft gang two 0.25 amp fans on a 2 amp rated header. Remember that inrush current adds significantly more load on startup so while I'm comfy at the above 4:1 capacity to load ratio, under no circumstance would I consider less than 2:1
  3. The problem with that is my myriad of electrical troubleshooting failures. My multimeter cost 8 bucks new. My motherboard is an HP / Chinese abortion that has no specifications available at the maker's web site nor that I can find on Google. I'm probably going to take one of the PSU cables, put an inline splitter on it, and let her rip.
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