Graphic card half-dead!

Ok I'm getting to the point fast... I was playing a video game when my PC crashed, i restarted the PC and when the desktop opened everything looked so bad. I cant open games, everything looks like its running on 20 fps even the desktop. I tried reinstalling the video drivers but it didn't work. I opened GPU-Z and noticed that Pixel Fillrate, Texture Fillrate, Bandwidth, Physx and some other things were unknown or missing at all. Also GPU clock, Memory and Shader are at 0. The Graphic Card is a Nvidia 9800GT 1GB. Any ideas what might be the problem?
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  1. O.o Interesting What OS you run?

    I have Vista, a mate kicked my power cable once and it did exactly the same thing.

    What i did was (Right click desktop, Personalize, Display settings, Colour 32-bit) Screen went black for a couple of seconds then my card booted up screaming its head off......its fine now :)

    See if thats it if not Good luck.
  2. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit. Can't really try what you said because when I click at Display settings it kicks me to the resolution settings. oh and btw its running hotter than usual.
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