AMD 965 Bios Temps vs Over Drive Temps

Hey guys, hope this is the right place to post.

Would not the program and bios take reading off of the same sensors, I can not understand the difference in readings.

I just built a computer for the wife using an AMD 965 cpu. I was looking for a program to monitor temps and the only one I could find was AMD Overdrive.

It is in a newer release Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 AM3+ mobo.

Temps reported in bios are 37C with cpu fan speed at 2045rpm.

Temps reported in Overdrive is 51C @ Idle? ( I let it sit after booting also).

This is all at stock speeds with stock fan.

I assume the bios is correct, but would like your input, and maybe another program to use. I am using XP. I have been using Core Temp but it does not work with either the mobo or the cpu.

System running fine, no strange problems.


Mobo GA-970A-UD3 AM3+ 970 R
CPU AMD PHII X4 965 3.4 Stock speed
2 GB Gskill RipJaws Series 4 GB (2x 2GB)
Hard Drive WD Black 500GB
P/S Corsair TX 650 V2
Vid Card EVGA GTX 460

Thanks for any input
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  1. Never Mind

    Easy Tune 6 for AMD from Gigabyte's site seems to work fine and jives with bios temp.
  2. Core Temp is the preferred monitor for many.
  3. Leave overdrive don't use it, just use core temp like beenthere (download xp version), or hw monitor.
    All mobo have different reading temp with software, in mobo read idle and software read everytime temperatur.
  4. Easy Tune 6 seems to show temps that match the bios (at idle any way).

    I would rather use coretemp as I like it also.

    I have used coretemp for years. It will not work for this system? I can run it, but it goes to task bar, and does not display, and I can not click on it either?

    I figure it has something to do with the mobo as others in various forums stating they are using it with the AMD 965?

    I listed the mobo in orig post, it is a Gigabyte. I do not think that model has been out long either.
  5. I take the last post back. I just reloaded it on system in question. Coretemp very sluggish but does finally appear. It says all cores are 206C.

    Yes, I did not not type that wrong 206C.

    Must be the mobo.
  6. Update

    I was trying the same version I have been using for years, which was the beta. Version 1.0 seems to be working fine.

    However, I have not been able to find a "clean" version of coretemp v1.0. Every one I try to download is getting flagged by Nod32. Since the last I tried was from Major Geeks, I let it go. I noticed it tries to install yahoo toolbar and some other garbage. I was able to get rid of the garbage, but it was a pain.

    Any one have a site that has just coretemp by itself, w/o trying to install other programs, please post.

    Thanks all
  7. I suspect HWMonitor would be much preferable over CoreTemp.

    Giga-Byte motherboards are bad to over-volt Denebs with BIOS settings on *Auto* -- give 'manual' VCore a try and even drop 0.025v or so and see how yah like those temps.
  8. Thanks wisecracker (nice name).

    I already read up on chip this morning

    140w 965 has stock vcore at 1.340v
    125w 965 has stock vcore at 1.375v

    *(I am pretty sure those were setting, I am not sitting in front of bios right now, I know I took it down a couple notches to match article I had read).

    I have 125w 965, and Gigabyte mobo had auto set vcore at 3.40v (just like you said)

    I set vcore to 1.375v. Ran prime95 for awhile and temps did not rise over 57c. I understand max temp is 62c from AMD (please correct me if I am wrong).

    I let wife play her game (LOTRO) and she played for a couple hours, coretemp log never went over 50c.

    So things under control now, but thanks, and I will try HWMonitor. I may have tried it in the past but I am sure they have had many revisions.

    Coretemp is great, but a bit of a pain with all the crapware it tries to install.

    Between the 965 and the GTX 460 (beautiful card plays LOTRO all setting to ultra and never drops below 80FPS), system kind of heats up the small computer room we have lol. That GTX puts out quite a bit of heat out the back (at least it is not going into the case).

    Thanks all who replied
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