How to get hdmi audio out of a 4350 video card

I have my pc hooked up via hdmi and my display shows but no audio i am using a mitsubishi dlp 60 in tv for a display
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  1. For ATI video card link with HDMI to monitor or TV here's what you need

    1) If you are using a DVI port you need ATI provided DVI-> HDMI converter to get an audio.
    2) If you are using HDMI port then direct connection should work
    3) Got to Control Panel, On Sound Option... Select "AMD HDMI Output" as the default Audio Playback... That should produce audio on your DLP TV.

    I have 3 setups of HDMI to HDTV (70, 65, 52)... It should work

    Good Luck
  2. Don't forget that some TVs have to be set up to accept HDMI audio rather than analog. You'll have to go to the Audio Menu settings for your TV and make sure sure HDMI audio is selected.
  3. You HAVE to use ATI's DVI-HDMI converter; any generic one will NOT work.
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