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Asus Maximus Extreme-Z PCI question

On this motherboard can you fit a PCI-E x1 card into any of the other PCI-E slots without it being a problem? I plan to do a future build and want to get a Creative Sound Blaster and a Visiontek NIC controller; both of which are PCI-E x1. I also plan to CrossFire or SLI too.
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    Pci-e x1 will run on x4 or x16 slot. In that mobo, there is 4 pcie x16, 1 pcie x1 and 1 pcie x4 slot.

    So you can use sound card on pcie x1 and nic card on pice x4 and use crossfire/sli with other 4 pcie x16 slot.
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