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Can't decide between 3 very similar motherboards... please help!

Hey everyone,

I am deciding between 3 exceptionally similar motherboards. They either feature the Z68 or Z77 Chipsets, have dual sli capabilities, and dual channel ram. The differences between them are chipsets, manufacturers, quality, etc. I need help deciding which to order!

The as rock z68 chipset

asus z77 chipset

as rock z77 chipset

Thanks in advance!
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    I just spent the past hour watching Newegg TV videos on the asus line of z77 chipsets from entry level to ROG to WS and the technologies built into the entire line of Z77 boards is very darn impressive...I don't believe Asrock can hang with the Asus line up...for software and mandatory engineered design specs!!

    Go to the product page here... [...] 6813131837

    and watch the video...there's several parts but the first one describes the product stack of Z77 motherboards and ALL the included Mandatory built-ins...

    I don't believe in paying for hype either...but the includeds on this board are pretty darn if it was me...just for what your monies are puchasing...I think the ASUS board is by far the better place to spend your hard earned cash!!!

    You go with what you know usually...I know Asus...Gigabyte...Asrock...Dell....HP...Acer...Compaq Presario.....A LOT...and I have had the best results with ASUS hands down. I will admit that Tech support is rather Glacial...but usually between Newegg help and Asus tech support listening to newegg...I have always gotten whatever issue I've had repaired or replaced to acceptable satisfaction.

    Good luck with your purchasing decision...I DO Really LIKE Asrock as well...they are a newer up and coming motherboard maker that's garnering a pretty decent following of loyal customers and you get all the relevant items on their boards just a bit less and a fair discount on their cost of ownership vs Asus.

    By a bit less...I mean "included" features...double nics...onboard pwr and reset buttons and so on...their high end "gamer" boards are VERY competitive with Asus and Gigabyte...Very competitive.
  2. you have them in order in terms of what i would suggest. i am not saying the Z77 is a bad chipset but, right now its ealry in the release and i do see quite a few Z77 chips asking for help in the forum . . . just saying maybe be safe.
  3. Asrock z77 extreme 4 price + features
  4. Hey everyone, thanks for the responses. I decided that on this one I am going with the Asrock mobo with the Z77 chipset. I am anxious to try their brand out, I have high expectations. And, if it makes any of the Asus boys out there feel any better, asrock was formally managed by asus.
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