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Hey All,
I'm in the process of a new build. Due to the nature of my occupation, I'm going to have to be moving fairly frequently, and out of convenience, am looking for a computer case that comes with carrying handles. I know that the NZXT mATX and the CM Storm Scout come with bars, but are there any other good cases I'm missing that also have bars?

Yes, I know I could easily put bars onto a case myself, but I'm trying to save time where I can.

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  1. i think your looking for a lan case

    if you look for a case described as a lon case they will have handles on becasue they are desighned to be moved a lot
  2. @roastedpeking: u should definitely check out the Survivor case by Bitfenix. its a durable, and not ridiculous looking case. It speaks volumes by design and can take a hit. The handle on the case folds in at the top, making it sleeker than the rest.
    There's even a blue LED one from but i can't vouch for that store. It seems to be alright tho, there's people talking about positive experiences with them on forums...
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