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P9x79 and corsair ram

Hello , new builder here.
mb is Asus p9x79 deluxe
i7-3930k cpu
and i would like to use the Corair Dominator gt 16gb 2133 (CMT16GX3M4X2133C9)
Problem is Corsair says its compatible with asus x79 xmp boards, but its not on asus qualified vendor list, and I've heard that only ram from the list should be used?
What do you guys think?
Thanks for any input :)
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  1. Dont worry about memory support list. You can get it. There are many ram that support on mobo without listed.
  2. Even more considering that you read that Corsair says they are compatible.
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    The CMT16GX3M4X2133C9 works fine with LGA 2011/X79, and as far as the QVL list or any QVL list it's only a partial and very limited list and does not encompass the 'Compatible RAM' for your MOBO.

    Any of the listed Corsair Quad Channel sets have been fully tested on LGA 2011/X79 -
  4. Thanks for you replies, I now feel confident to spend the extra on good ram
  5. Please keep in mind that since 2133 is an overclocked profile it is not guaranteed to work and you may have to enter timings manually. However, I have 32GB of Mushkin DDR3-2133 running on my RIVE at just XMP settings and nothing else
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