Windows 7 + GTX 570 = Crash.

Just built a new Sandy Bridge rig...

Asus p8p67 Pro,
Corsair TX750
G.Skill 2x2GB DDR3 1600
SeaGate Barracuda 1tb 7200
PNY Geforce GTX 570
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit OEM

GPU is in PCI-E slot, powered with 2 6-pin PCI-E cables.
Monitor connects to the GTX 570 with a DVI-VGA adapter.

All is well until Nvidia drivers are installed.

Windows reboots (no BSOD, even with auto-reboot disabled) immediately after clicking "log in".
Starting in Safe Mode allows me to disable Nvidia drivers, which returns things to normal.
Gaming this way is obviously out of the question (aside from Solitaire and Minesweeper).

Things I tried:
Installed ALL Windows 7 updates, including SP 1
Updated all chip-set drivers
Uninstalled Nvidia drivers and clean install from website
Uninstalled Nvidia drivers and let windows Auto install them
Uninstalled Nvidia drivers and clean install various older versions
Try install from GPU included CD, failed. Message: "incompatible w/ display adapter" (no 64 bit drivers on CD!)
Remove 570, installed my old 9600 GT. Windows starts, but crashes upon starting game (BSOD).
Switched the 9600 GT to the second PCI slot: same results.
Reinstalled Windows, installed Nvidia drivers from website before anything else.

So far nothing, the same symptoms persist.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, been troubleshooting this crap for the last 4 days now!
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  1. Check the Asus pro Bios. Try update that. If that don't work try to send the pro back.( I could be wrong about it being the pro.I hope more can reply to help.)

    P.S This is a bit of an odd one.
  2. just curious is your card new?or did you get from friend who may have oc'd it?did you buy all parts new?but i have a 570 also win7as well.i play cs:s and sometimes ill get bsod on map change,on newly built pc,it did the same on my last pc i built.close to same parts.i think win7 and nvidia are not playing nice?maybe this'll help.
  3. Turn off AERO!!!!! Use Win7 Basic Theme.
    I had issue watching/recording wintv thru my Hauppauge 2250 card in a window and Win7 kept resetting my Dual SLI Nvidia GTX 470's on my Media Server.
    I checked Temp of video cards, New Drivers everywhere and all sorts of Registry fixes. It seems Aero screws with the OS telling it that the FPS is different then expected from the TV Capture card and therefore Win7(and I here Vista Also) resets the video card before it crashes. Sometimes this reset was a blank screen and then a baloon message saying that Win7 recovered the video driver. Sometimes it would reboot my machine. Now I run smoothly...I even recorded the 12 hours of Sebring without interruption. Hope this Helps
  4. yeah i did that too and it helpeded my gtx285ocfu(which seems like a rare card)i had to"underclock" it.would stutter and freeze with unresponsive diver msg.i had to use like a 185.xx driver so i could use third party oc tool to underclock it.worked for the most part.nvr again will i buy factory oc card.
  5. Also having problems with P8P67LE and ASUS GTX570, stable in protectd mode, but crashing at all odd times if it gets through the windows build. Tried multiple NVIDIA drivers and updating Win 7 (64) Latest theory is IRQ conflicts, or RAM conflict (The 570 takes 3 Gig of Ram for a little headroom - without asking.)

    Any ideas?
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