Motherboard has 5 SATA connectors, does it matter connection order?

I have a dell XPS intel core i7 920, the mother board has 5 SATA connectors, does it matter what is hooked up to what. For example using WIN 7 Software raid 0 or 1 or even 5. Two of the SATA connectors are blue, the other three are black. I have a photo link below.

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  1. One color will be attached to the NB controller, and one color will be attached to a secondary/3rd party controller.

    If you're going to do a software RAID, it doesn't matter where you plug them in. Just don't move them around after everything is installed.

    If I may comment, IMO, doing a software RAID is very rarely worth it, unless you're just experimenting and playing around. The CPU has to manage the RAID in a software RAID (vs a RAID controller), therefore there's a ton more overhead when doing a software RAID, negating any of the minimal performance gained.
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