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My pc fryed month ago so I'm building new one. need help with my build. If you see anything wrong with it could get detailed explanation on it. Thanks in advance.
There's my build:
Msi 870a_g54 am3 amd 870 satan 6Gb/s8 usb 3.0 atx amd motherboard. Price 99.99
Amd Phenom ll x4 965 black edition. Price 139.99 (with after market cooler 146.98)
LiteOn dvd rom 17.99
Some hdd for 43.99
Gskill 4gb (2x2 gb) 240 ping ddr3 sdram ddr3 1333. 46.99
Corsair enthusiast series cmpsu_650tx 650W 89.99
Msi R5770 hawk radeon 1gb 128_bit gddr5 pci 2.1 x 16 144.99
Total 590.92 case not included (have my old pc case)

This Would be my first build. Mainly for gaming wow, sc2, lol.
all prices from newegg.
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  1. Its definitely going to work

    but Im not sure I'd buy " some hard drive"
    Id rather have a samsung F3 500 gig or a seagate 7200.12 500 gig

    What kind of cpu cooler do you get for $7?
  2. Hey there Carvcik,
    Nice build. It's got some good components. Some would say go i3-2100, but I personally would stay with the 965, just because it's a bit better in some apps, and am3+ support :D
    However, Newegg has a deal on the 965, making it $119. If it's over, get the 955 BE. Same chip, and speeds can be obtained by super simple overclock.
  3. Thanks for replys and cooler is thermaltake a4022, and I didnt mean hdd like that I just typing from cellphone so kinda hard ;) ill tell after work what I picked out

    Segate baracuda 7200.12 500gb hdd

    Also I'm planning to build itwithin month or 2 so maybe il will get some good deals
  4. Corsair 650tx is a bit overkill dont understand me wrong one of the best but for your system overkill(even if u oc msi hawk)
  5. Im planning on upgrading most of the parts later on, once I get some extra cash
  6. I wanst sure or video card I chose is good for gaming maybe theres something else there in same prices range that out performes what I picked?
  7. Some ideas:
    Motherboard-$89 ASRock 870 Extreme 3, it is x8/x8 capable for future Crossfire
    Graphics-$120 Same as yours just a different brand and cheaper
    -$109 More powerful then a 5770 but also more power hungry
    -$148 More powerful then 5770
    -$145 More powerful then 5770
    -$150 More powerful then 5770
    Depending on the resolution you plan on playing on I would say either the Sapphire HD5830 or Asus CuII GTX 460. If you also like the motherboard I suggested remember it doesn't nativly support SLI only Crossfire if that helps decide on graphics cards. And as stated before go for the 955 black edition as it is the same thing as the 965 after about two minutes in the motherboard bios. Hope any of this helped.
  8. Thanks for advice mgf derp I guess going cheaper mobo and gpu would be better for couple months after that I can crossfire gpu ;)
  9. Glad I could help. You could also look at getting a HD 5850 for $150
    Just another possibility that would do well in crossfire.
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