Help! What mobo is in HP-Z420 workstation?

The motherboard in HP's Z420 workstation has exactly the features I want. A legacy PCI slot, which I need, 2 x16 PCIe 3.0 slots, and 3 other PCIe slots of varying sizes. Plus audio, C602 chipset, DDR3-1600, and ECC support. Chipset needs to be C602, since I think it's required for DDIO (I need this for GPU computing - the main purpose of my workstation).

Now, the problem is that I'm a dedicated DIYer. Me buying their workstation is simply not gonna happen. But maybe I can get just the motherboard. I'm thinking HP probably didn't design this Mobo in house. I've searched around and found nothing matching these specs, although Supermicro comes very close.

I've searched HP's support site and determined the HP part # is 619557-001. They're currently selling the replacement part for about twice what it should cost. Otherwise, I might consider it. But, even if I were willing to buy it through them, I'd still need to find somewhere to read up on it about things like whether it's a standard form factor, for one thing.

Ideally, I could just find one of these things in a store, pop the side cover off and look at the FCC ID on the board. Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions about how I might find the original manufacturer & model number?
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  1. close as i got in a few minutes no pci slot . .sorry.
    ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS Dual LGA 2011 Intel C602 $599.99

    something more like:
  2. Thanks, but the problem with dual-socket R (LGA 2011) mobo's is that half of the PCIe slots are connected to one CPU socket and half are connected to the other, meaning you must fill both sockets to use all the PCIe slots. Also, the second CPU and its memory slots tend to crowd out a lot of other mobo features I want.

    For that reason and others, I'm sticking to single-CPU, for this build. The E5-1620 offers a great value, if you can find it (it's currently an OEM-only SKU).

    BTW, I did look at all the boards on newegg and determined that a Supermicro was the only one close to meeting my needs.
  3. I should emphasize that I don't want to order the HP mobo blind, since there's a significant chance it will be nonstandard in several ways. If it's 3rd party, at least I should be able to consult some docs on it, before purchasing.
  4. i got ya. i think your best bet might be calling DEC trader and hear what they have to say.
    sorry totally lost on server boards but thought i'd give it a shot.
  5. Thanks. I saw that, too. I don't know what that site is all about, but I'd wager they don't know anything more about it than I do.

    As far as docs, I'm checking to see what the official HP docs say. They probably won't mention anything about the form factor or power supply connector, but the drawings are probably accurate enough that a lot could be gleaned from a close look.
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