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Hello,i have kingston hyperx 1600 mhz(4x4gb) 1.65v when i installed them by default they running in 1333 mhz and i change that value to 1600 mhz...i want to know what to set in volts for 1600 mhz
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  1. If you only changed the MHz setting to 1600, and all is working fine, your V should be running at 1.5. If this true, and the system is running well, leave it at 1.5v.

    If its not running well at 1.5v, then you may need to increase the V, but we can't really give that advice until we know more about your system (mobo, cpu, RAM part numbers needed).
  2. My system is intel core i5 2500k msi p67ac43 motherboard and asus gtx 560 where i can fine the ram part numbers??The volts are set 1.60 v by default but i think is to high...am i right?
  3. enable xmp in bios
  4. i dont know how to enable xmp prof there is no option in bios...I set it to 1.5 and everythink is normal until now .i will leave it like that to see if there are any issues.
  5. The XMP setting should be in your system settings under the overclocking section. The exact selector is dependant on the motherboard manufacturer, please consult your manual
  6. Yes +1
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