2nd-Hand System Issues

Hey all,

First of all: great site! Google has led me here a number of times. Hope this is in the right place.

Anyway, my issue:

I bought a 2nd-hand PC recently with the following specs:

Windows 7 Professional 32-bit
ASUS M3N78-EH Motherboard
AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs), ~2.2GHZ
ASUS ATI 5850 1g DDR 3 graphics card

This system is giving me simply horrible performance in all the games I've been playing. In Starcraft 2 I can get 50fps on medium idle in a 1v1 which drops very low late game; In a 2v2 I drop as low as 6fps in the mid-late game. In League of Legends I get about 55-65fps idle at the start of the game which drops to about 25-30 once battles start, all on low settings. And in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 I get around 20fps on low settings.

I have updated my graphics card drivers, audio drivers and chipset drivers. I've downloaded HWMonitor and found no overheating. Today, I ran 3DMark06 and got these very poor results, however I do not understand them:

Does anyone have any idea what exactly is the issue? Have I been scammed or can this be easily remedied?

Thanks in advance!
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    It's a poor processor, and I would certainly expect that performance in SC2. A review of the board specs reveals the underlying issue however....

    The 9550 was a 95W CPU

    The ASUS M3N78-EH does not list ANY 95W Phenom on it's support list

    So that means that the CPU is probably under-volted and not running fully.
  2. Oh ok, that would make sense. I have also noticed from task manager that my CPU usage is always low so I guess that's why. Would this also explain why things such as live streams are very slow and laggy for me, even though my internet is good enough (can watch it on my other machine)?

    Is it correct of me to infer that your post means my graphics card is fine? And a new mobo would improve my performance back to what it should be?

    Thank you for your response.
  3. I can't give you a definitive answer, only my best guess.

    I can suggest a replacement board, and can promise you it's a far better board regardless of whether it resolves your issue completely or not :)
    Compatible with DDR2 so a good budget choice.
  4. Cool, thanks! I'll think I'll follow your advice. I'll be happy so long as I don't need to replace the CPU as well.
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