2 6990's? to minimize drops in FPS


Im looking to maximize my FPS.My max res in eyefinity is 5760x1080 something strange like that.

I noticed while running homefront, it runs GREAT, except when there are soo many things going on the fps drop..granted I guess some drop is to be expected..

would I see a FPS increase getting another 6990?

After reading that CF support is much improved in the 6k series, does it make sense?

I plan to run my reserved titles at gamestop all at max res and those that support eyefinity, at max eyefinity res and details..with , preferably no drop in FPS..will a second card minimze my drops? or is it overkill?

thanks for any input..

my system is a 980x, 12 gig ddr3 system..originally alienware..but upgraded since. 1200 w power supply
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  1. so from what I am reading there, having a second one does in fact increase performance..more in some games and less in others..
  2. yep seems so, if you think the the card is worth extra money then go for it ;)

    and as drivers get better scaling will improve even more.
  3. I just plan to maximize every detail possible and figured this would do it for me.

    Has there been any speculation on which card, this or the new nvidia card due out this month will be better or will that be like in previous years, where some games favor one card over the other..

    by the way, thanks for the link.
  4. youre running eyefinity so i would definitely not recommend the GTX 590 over the 6990 because it only has 1.5GB of VRAM.

    the only way you can get more performance is with adding a second 6990 OR maybe a 6970 for tri fire? :)
  5. The thing that has me thinking here is when you say it slows when there is a lot going on, that to me would be a CPU issue as much as a GPU issue.
    The CPU still determines where stuff is on the screen so lots of it gives it more to do.

    I have no experience with Eyefinity so im talking here from the perspective that this is what i would expect to happen on a single screen. Is it possible to drop the resolution in eyefinity ? If not then the detail settings at least, to see if the drop off decreases ? If the drop of did decrease when you lessened the graphics load then this would indicate the second GPU would indeed help. If not then its a good indication that it wont make much difference .

    Mactronix :)
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