Ms-7613 version 1.1

hi...guys i have motherborad ms-7613 version 1.1..can i install msi r7750 in this motherboard...pls help???
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  1. Should be ok, but the mobo isn't the only factor. Case (is there enough room) and PSU (does it have the connectors and available wattage - this card is going to be power hungry)...

    If you can, reply with more specs of your system and we can better assess.
  2. my pc is hp i3,3gb ram....
  3. If you have no other cards installed, it should fit.

    That PSU though.... I'm not so sure it's going to work for that card. You only have a 300w PSU, further, I'm pretty sure it's not going to have the 6 or 8-pin connectors the GPU is going to require.
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