Freezing, and Blue Screen

I have gotten the the BSoD 3 times in the past 3 days, while doing not too system heavy tasks. First 2 times were trying to play some Call of Duty 4 (Click on icon then BSoD), So I uninstalled it and defragged twice. The third time was running a online game. And I have also gotten freezing a few times while playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Just froze, then I had to reboot.

The inside case temp for blue screen was like 38c

Bad Company Freezes, around 43c - 46c
But it only freezes every once in a while.

My specs are,
Phenom II X4 840 3.2Ghz
4Gb Kingston Ram
MSI 880G-E45
Asus EAH5770
150Gb HDD
600Watt PSU
Windows XP 32bit
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  1. You aren't over clocking are you?
  2. Nope
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    Are all your drivers up to date? Do you have the latest version of bios? How old is your pc? If it's old has this ever happened in the past? I also have an ASUS board in my rig and apparently it over clocked my CPU automatically and it was causing all sorts of problems including the bsod. So make sure your board doesn't over clock automatically.
  4. This PC is 2-3 years old. But due to a surge frying almost everything I have had to upgrade. Everything but the HDD and Disc Drives are new. We reinstalled windows on the Hard-drive, and nothing like this has happened before. I also have an MSI board that says option to over clock, or over clock capable.
  5. Might be your RAM. Easiest way to check is to simply remove one stick (assuming you have 2x 2GB), and see if it still crashes. If it does, swap them and try again. If it still crashes, it's probably not your RAM (the chances of both sticks being bad are tiny).
  6. I know there is a way for your computer to run a check on your memory. Ive done it before, I just dont remember how. Make sure all of your new parts are compatible. Yeah with your board I doubt it will overclock on it's own but go into your bios and make sure. Also just make sure all your drivers are updated.
  7. I made sure the drivers were updated, and I took a stick of ram out. So, if it doesn't crash then I'll try both sticks again and see what happens.
  8. thelightbulb said:
    I made sure the drivers were updated, and I took a stick of ram out. So, if it doesn't crash then I'll try both sticks again and see what happens.

    Well it may still not be the whole story. If it stops crashing with the stick you have in now, you still should swap them, and verify that it crashes using the other stick - that will pinpoint your problem to a specific stick of RAM. It also possible that your dual channel controller is flakey (i.e. a mobo issue), or that your two sticks of RAM while working perfectly individually (i.e. in single channel mode) simply don't work together in dual channel mode for no apparent reason. I've seen all of these combinations!
  9. I have a feeling it might be the Mobo, Sometimes when I boot It get's stuck on the MSI screen and never moves. and Also has trouble finding the HDD sometimes too.
  10. You replaced the mobo right? It's possible you might have a compatibility issue. Not a huge chance but it's possible. If the problem is with the ram. Then you probably fixed it already if it's the mobo then it might be faulty.
  11. So, I still get the Blue Screen with both ram's individually. I think it's the mother board. I'll try and return it in the next day or so and see what happens.
  12. So, The motherboard was not it. But upon reinstalling everything it's working better (still some minor glitches), so I dunno but thanks for the help guys.
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