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I have not bought a new pc in like 7 years....I understand Basic principle's such as Processor's, Graphics cards, ram/memory, and mother boards, However Liquid cooling is something I cannot seem to grasp. When I think of liquid cooling I think of a system similiar to an ice maker in a refrigerator or a Liquid Nitrogen pipeline in a Nuclear powerplants core. I have searched online and have gotten no real explanation, like how can it liquid cool your computer without an attached liquid source does it have one, do i know what im talking about probably not thats why im asking? Also what is its life time liquid coolers on other machinery dont normally come with a life time? and other nonsence. I realise liquid cooling is better for more high end machines that produce more heat and have more need of higher power supply, I've learned this through research, But I still dont understand exactly what a Liquid cooling is, Can some one help?
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  1. Well the gist is self explanatory, using liquid to cool your system. Where you would normally have say a heatsink sitting on your cpu and a fan that blows/sucks heat out of it instead you have a waterblock, which is a flat piece of heat conductive material usually like copper same as a heatsink and it has channels on the inside of it where water can flow through and remove heat. This water comes from the loop which is usually made up of a radiator like in a car, a pump that pumps the water around the loop, a reservoir that holds extra water and a bunch of tubing that connects it all. Water is pumped through the waterblock to remove the heat from your cpu then makes its way to a radiator where the heat is removed from the water. People also sometimes do this to their graphics cards aswell. Watercooling can be a lot better performance wise then air cooling, however it's much riskier what with the potential to spill water on expensive computer parts.
  2. So tell me if it's similiar to a car's radiator does that mean, I will have to add more water or when the water eventually evaporates over time that is when you replace your cooling system?
  3. Yeah overtime the water would require topping up. It also needs to be monitored for gunk building up in the system. It should have something like a killcoil in there to keep out nastys on most people recommend running only pure distilled water.
  4. Corsair sells closed H2O CPU cooling systems but they are not very efficient and they are not competitively priced to quality air-cooled HSFs. You can't get decent water cooling unless you spend hundreds of dollars and for 99% of PC users H2O cooling is impractical and a high risk when it leaks - which usually happens sooner or later. H2O cooling is more of a gimmick for those looking for OC'ing bragging rights, but then liquid nitrogen is far better and more dangerous. :??:

    You can see how some H2O systems compare to good air-cooled HSFs at the link below.

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