Intel Celeron 2.2 Proc 900 How much ram? Anyway to tweak ram utilization?


I have compaq cq62-423nr Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
Processor Type Intel Celeron
Processor Speed 2.2 GHz
Processor Model 900

Full PC Configuation refer to profile

How much ram will my PC be able to use? It's expandable to "8gb" DDR3. And is there anyway to tweak ram utilization for my laptop? If you need more info or I need to be sent to a site to gather more data or whatever to best answer my question(s) let me know.

Reason I ask, I just installed 2x4gb.

Maybe someone has some insight that can help answer what my PC can do with 8gb or if it's overkill, or can it be overclocked? Or a link that can provide a solution (software, update, CMD command of some kind) to utilizing the ram? Not sure. Would like to find out if there a way.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. wow couple hours still no replies (not sure what forum to inquire)
  2. The only types of programs that will use the full 8GB's of RAM is CAD, Hi-Def video editing, Photoshop, running a server OS in virtual machines. In other words, you will have to be running programs that the CPU is not designed to handle very well. So, yes, 8GB is overkill.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I wonder if say, 6gb of the 8gb, can readily be used with the processor of this laptop. Just strange why HP would make the laptop (non-upgradeable processor unlike desktop) if it can't somehow use all the memory. My PC still freezes (2-4 secs) when I try and open multiple programs but regains faster than when purchased new 2 weeks ago with 3gbs ram.

    However, it does have 64bit operating system...which, for these simple reasons, I thought 8gbs could or may be used somewhat readily available when multi tasking with the help of some tweak out there in cyberspace.

    Any informative possible links or tweaks to try, both ears open.

  4. The problem is your CPU. It's a single-core CPU, which is not good for multi-tasking. You really need a dual or a quad-core CPU for multi-tasking. Far as why the motherboard can handle 8GB, OEM's generally produce one board to handle multiple CPU's.
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