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I bought a HP Z400 workstation from a friend, which nVidia Quoadro FX3800 installed inside. But i was a hardcore gamers, so this card was not working well (highest graphic). and also i am not a designer, so this card was nothing to me. can i just replace this card with the great gaming card? is the gaming card will suitable with workstation? and one more thing, 2GB gaming card has big size, and i dont thing it will fit in workstation HPZ400 casing. and another thing this card will need more power supply. So can i just change the casing? So for my broken english. hope someone can answer me.
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  1. You can use any video card you want as long as your power supply meets its requirements.

    With your 475w power supply, you should be able to use a GPU such as the HD6870 easily. Here is an example:

    Note, that the GPU requires a 500w power supply, but the power supplies used in the HP workstations are actually pretty good and should work just fince withis this class of video card.

    The bottom line is that just about any PCI-E video card will work in your system as long as it isn't too long. You can also add an aftermarket PSU without any trouble if you want to step up to a higher class of video card as well. You do not have to use an HP power supply in the Z400's case.

    Good luck!
  2. thanks a lot. i prefer to get GTX 580 with 600 watts PSU. should be no problem right?
  3. Should not not be a problem at all. Good luck!
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