Does the Intel Core i5-760 Use a 4-pin or 8-pin?

Quick question, just curious... I'm sure it's a 4-pin, right? It uses 95w. Could someone tell me how many watts the 8-pin uses as opposed to the 4-pin? Thanks..
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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it all depends on the motherboard. Some MB's come with 4pin and the higher ends come with 8pin so I guess it doesn't matter as long as your motherboard supports your cpu. Just keep in mind that if you do get a motherboard with the 8pin, that your PSU comes with an 8 pin connector and if not you'll need an adapter. The reason being that your computer won't work at all or will burn/melt the connector.
  2. It should be okay with the 4 pin, I'm using one right now with a 4 pin, though my board only supports 4 pin. I'm not sure if any of the LGA1156 boards even have 8 pin connectors for the CPU, I've only seen them on the LGA 1366 boards, mainly for the hexacore i7s.
  3. This isn't complicated. Use what your board has. If it has 4, use 4. If it has 8, use 8. If your PSU has 4 and your board has 8, then use 4.

    The only time I would worry about 4 pin is for overclocking. Stock wouldn't bother me much.
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