First PC build problem-semi solved

Hello all, So I built my first pc a week and a half ago and everything went great. I had no troubles really(installing after market hsf alone was interesting) and am happy with the end result. My build is: i5 2500k, Gigabyte z68xp-ud3p mobo, 8 gigs 1600 ram, GTX 570 and a Corsair 750 wqtt psu.

Now to my problem. I stayed up late playing pc games Sat. night and woke up Sun. morning nice and refreshed of course. Tried to boot my pc and it would start for 10-15 secs and have no post beep at all. It would then just shut off and start again. Well of course I flipped out thinking my pc is all jacked up and went searching online for some answers. I was told by someone on a completley different board that I should clear my cmos and so I did. Well that seemed to work but I couldn't get any video at all. So i hooked up my hdmi to the intergrated hdmi on the mobo and it was working fine. Low and behold my pc no longer saw my GTX 570 gpu. Nvidia control panel said no device found and device manager couldn't see it at all. My gpu oc guru software said "initialization failed and something about the drivers not being there"

So I thought I might have an rma on my hands. I went ahead and troubleshooted the card. Reset the card, tried it in different pci slots and tried reinstalling the drivers. No matter what I did, the gpu card would start up and the fans/leds would power on but shut off after post beep. I then un-installed/re-installed the drivers much later(after some hair pulling and pacing) and it works again?! I am at a loss as to how this happened and was wondering if anyone knew why/how this would happen.

Everything seems fine now but it just makes me nervous. Man oh man a nerve-racking 4 hours of work!
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    You did that you think the GPU was at fault? You removed the card and tested it in different slots. you also removed drivers and that helped a little.

    Seems like the card may be it. not do anything until another members inquires on the situation. Maybe Maziar can help you.
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