New PC - no input signal to monitor

Hi, first post here - hope I'm posting in the right place...

I recently received a new desktop PC from Mesh (spec below), but when I try to boot it up there is no input signal being received to the monitor. It's definitely not the monitor, as I've tried the machine on a couple of monitors with the same result. When I switch the power on, I don't hear the fan or any noise at all in fact. I would send it back to Mesh, but in a tremendous bit of timing, they've just gone bust, so I need to try and figure this out myself or get it fixed elsewhere.

Is there anything I can try myself before taking it to get fixed somewhere? Thanks for any help!

Some spec...

256MB Nvidia GEForce integrated graphics card
AMD Athlon II Quad Core Processor
300W PSU
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  1. You're Power Supply is most likely not hooked up to your system properly. Even if you forgot to put ram into your pc, or forgot to hook up a video card to your pc, or forgot to hook up a harddrive to your pc, or anything really, your pc should at least TURN on. Fan's should at least turn. So chances are your PSU is not hooked up properly to your motherboard. Your PSU should have 2 wires hooked up to your motherboard, first, a 20+4 pin connector, then a 4 pin connector. Just make sure those are atleast hooked up properly and report back to this thread.
  2. Hi Corey, thanks for the reply. It looks like everything is connected to the motherboard properly, I've attached a photo of it in case i'm missing something obvious (which definitely isn't out of the question!).

    Uploaded with
  3. Hmm, interesting. Have you tried isolating the issue by removing components? When you press the on button on your tower, do any of the fans at least turn one rotation? Is there any sign of life? For example, are there are lights on in the back of your computer (a green led light, for example). Sometimes i accidentally hit the little red voltage switch on my PSU (power supply) and my computer will not give sign of life until i switch it back :P It's "not recomended" that you play with the red switch, but if you're computer is not turning on then you've NOTHING to lose trying it :P
    Also do you have any other parts laying around? You can try isolating the issue by mixing and matching parts, say for example, try a different PSU in the computer.
    ps: when you switch the red switch, turn the pc on, if nothing happens dont' forget to turn the switch back! (also not all PSU's have a voltage switch)
    Btw, is your PSU switch on? (you know, the black switch 0 and I)
    I hope these questions sound dumb and obvious to you hehe

    edit: sorry i keep thinking of dumb issues that could be the cause, because the issue is probably simple. Is your pc hooked directly to the wall? If it's hooked up to a power cord, is there a red switch on the power cord? If there is, switch it on/off. Or you can also try plugging something in to your wall to make sure that the outlet you're using is working :P
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