HD 6870 vs GTX460

Just when I thought I had figured out which card to go with, I see the HD 6870. It is a little more expensive that the 460, but since I dont want to get another card for some time after this, I thought perhaps the 6870 would be better. From the reviews, the 6870 is faster, but is the extra few bucks worth it?
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  1. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/best-gaming-graphics-card-geforce-gtx-590-radeon-hd-6990,2879.html

    You saw the benchmarks you said, so you should already know if it's worth the extra money.

    Besides there are different models of GTX460 at different price backets, you have not specified which your referring to.

    Tom's rates the GTX460 1gb and the HD6850 1gb as a tie when priced the same. Those are the two cards you should be comparing.
  2. Go with the 6870. It's faster and supports eyefinity ^_^. The 5870 is also a little faster still while only costing slightly more


    Of course, the 6870 uses less power and generates less heat. It's up to you. It's a hard choice to make, but it's a good time for you to be buying a GPU ^_^
  3. Or a overclocked 5850 for $165


    It's faster than 6850. I gotta say as far as temps, my 5850 is clocked at 775/1100 and never goes over 55c with 60% fan speed. This one even has two fans, mine has 1 fan.
  4. 6870 is much better than a 460 it's comparable to 470/480
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