Asus Tsunami Dream AMD 64 Athlon FX

My nephew died this last week and left my sister and her husband a PC. An Asus Tsunami Dream Thermaltake with an AMD 64Athalon fx prossessor. IT has a RAID set up with 4 hard drives. It crashed the day before he died. and I am trying to gt it to work for them. It wont let me do anything. I can get into the bios setup but it wont boot the way it says. and there is an RAID setup that I can't change the settings in. Help. I have never worked with a RAID system before. Actualy never heard of it until now. Please Help.
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  1. If it is set up as RAID 0, the fialure of single drive will bring things to a crashing 'no boot' config; can you see if it is config'd as RAID 0 or RAID 5?
  2. My sympathies to you. I must be very hard on your family when someone young pass away. We will, with our best effort, help you to retrieve what is in the hard disk.
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