New motherboard and CPU wont post!

Hello there!

I have a really huge problem with my new mobo and cpu!
I have just installed them but there is no beep when i power them up and generally it doesn't boot!
Both cpu and and case fans are working...

I have:
INTEL CORE 2 DUO E7500 2.93 GHZ LGA775

I have tried almost everything in this post: and also i have tried an other PSU!

Oh, also the first time i powered it up i forgot to install the CPU power but i imidiately powerd off and installed it...

Plz i really need to fix this pc TODAY!!!

(sorry for my bad english)
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  1. remove the cpu and reseat it tightly but careful.
  2. check that you have the 4 pin power connector buy the vga port plugged in it above the cpu on the products page of your mb.
    also check that the ddr2 ram your trying to use is on there qual list. also check that you plugged in all the power connectors to your video card. some video cards need more power then the pci bus can give them. the last thing is take the mb out of the case to see if it was shorted..if it wont post after you reset ram and video card..check the cpu that there no bent pins.
  3. double check the power connectors
    make sure the front panel connectors are plugged into the motherboard (power button, reset button, hard drive activity led) look into your motherboards manual for a diagram on how to connect these
    make sure your power supply switch is set to on (I) and not off (O)
    umm make sure the slider for the power supply is in the right position. (220v or 110v)
  4. i tried all those stuff!!! also i have no graphics card... i was going to use the one onboard..

    The only thing that I haven't tried is to install my old cpu in this one... but I am not sure if this will require a new set of thermal paste..

    All of the frontpanel cords are carefully installed in the right place...
  5. Make sure you place cpu on right direction
  6. nope everything is setup ok!!!
    i have done this procedure like a thousand times but this is the first time that i get this kind of problem!

    Is there a chance that the motherboard is broken? should i contact the shop for a replacement
  7. yes, if you did all the tricks with it and still not done, then sure contact with manufacturer for exchange.
  8. Try your cpu in another mobo and vice versa
  9. Ok so i sent the mobo to the support center and they told me it worked fine with them!!

    I get it back, I put it back in and still no booting!!! I've tried another cpu and i god the same! so it's not the cpu-mobo combination! In one of my tries I god 3 beeps witch means that there was a problem with the ram, but after i restarted it got away!

    I have tried 3 differend RAMs!

  10. AT LAST!

    I have the answer :P

    I tried two same model new RAMS and it booted! I guess it had to do something with the frequency of the RAM
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