Turn off PCH fan on ASUS Rampage IV Extreme(x79) with overclocking?

I'm in the process of "debugging" my x79 build. I have the following parts:
MB : ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
CPU : 3930k stepping C2
Memory : 32G G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series (4x8 PC3 17000)
GPUs : 2 x ASUS ENGTX560 TI DCII TOP (560ti's)
PSU : COOLER MASTER Silent Pro Gold Series 1200W
Cooler : Corsair H100
SSD : Intel 520 series 180G
OS : Win 7 pro 64bit

I have not starting overclocking yet. I'm waiting on a custom fab computer case before really beating on the computer.

But so far, I have been using it while it is scattered all over my desktop... new definition of desktop computer :pt1cable:

One of the goals I had with this build was quiet. Thus some of the parts may seem a little "weak".

So far, it has done VERY good except for the PCH fan on the MB. That single fan is SUPER loud. Some of the searching said I could disable it in the bios without a concern. So far, with no overclocking it seems good. And it so far has been whisper quiet... makes the DVD drive seem like a jet plane. :o

My goal is to overclock to 4.7G(arbitrary goal). Will the PCH have an issue with temp going that overclocked? Should I start investigating a "real" water cooling solution?
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  1. You can enter the bios and set the PCH fan to "Quiet Mode" and this will reduce the noise..that fan though...shouldn't be loud..from what I can tell online...most folks can NOT hear it even sitting right beside it with the side of their cases off.

    If it IS extremely loud...the fan can be disabled in the bios as well however....that chipset under there CAN get extremely hot ESPECIALLY when overclocking...and that's mainly what the fan is there for.

    I would go into the bios like I said above and set the fan to quiet mode or whatever level you are no longer bothered by the fans noise!! When overclocking....I would watch the temps and see where they top out at and see if the fan is keeping the temps below dangerous levels. Compromise between desired overclock and desired noise levels is going to be subjective in that it's entirely a personal preference as to what you are comfortable with!

    Look in your manual as to where the PCH fan control is at and see what you can live with.

    Hope this helps.
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