First "Budget" System - Am I doing it right?


I am thinking of building a "cheap" system that I can upgrade later down the road. I will be buying some parts from for free shipping and no tax, and others from because I don't trust for buying them.

For now, here are the components along with my reasoning of why I feel they are right for me NOW. Please feel free to disagree with me and provide me feedback upon how I can improve my choice of component for best bang for buck!

Case: CoolerMaster HAF 912. My friend has this case and its awesome. The reviews seem great and people seem happy with their purchase.

Power Supply: Corsair 750W. I feel that this will allow me a bit of leeway if I ever plan on upgrading CPU or GPU.

Motherboard: MSI P67A-G45. Supports the CPUs I'm looking at, and has 2x PCI express slots- not that I need to make use of both anytime soon. The price seems reasonable and reviews seem okay.. nothing great but not terrible either.

CPU: Right now due to my budget I'm looking at a i3 2100. In 2-3 years time, I'll upgrade to an i5 2500k if I can find it for a cheaper price. The i3 should be fine for what I'm going to do for now; I play games like World of Warcraft, Need for Speed, and Mass Effect 2. The i3 should be more than capable of allowing me to do my programming work.

GPU: ATI Radeon HD6870. Seems great for the price, and the mail in rebate makes it an even sweet deal.

Memory: 4gb ddr3 1600mhz. $48 doesn't seem too bad for such highly rated RAM.

Hard drive: I have a 250gb hard drive in my current laptop, and I'm only using about 85gb... I really don't need HUGE amounts of space. 500gb 7200 RPM is fine for me, but if you can recommend me any cheaper ones (but good performance) I'd appreciate it!

Optical: I found a $25 cheapo drive on that should work well. I hardly use CDs or DVDs but its good to have for OS installs or if I ever buy CDs agains (buying digital FTW!).

The grand total including taxes and shipping comes out to $825. This includes Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste! I read that the stock HSF that comes with the i3 should suffice.

Now is this a good build for the present? I don't need an i5 2500k right now because it would offset my budget. I do plan on buying it 2-3 years down the road. Would it still be available then? I'm seeing 2 year old processors still for sale on so I'm not too worried. I have a $140 budget for the monitor, so I'll find a decent one on discount somewhere.

I'm a student so please bear that in mind. I need a computer right now that I can do my programming and other studying without having the computer being slow. I enjoy raiding and doing arenas in World of Warcraft in my free time, as well as playing RPG games like ME2, DA2, and other games that are fun! If the i3 2100 with HD 6870 can run WoW and ME2 @ high to ultra settings @ 1920x1080, then that's perfect for me!

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  1. Sweet! Any difference between the mobos in terms of performance? I know they're not top end lols.
  2. This cheap HDD is probably a good choice for you:

    It is a SATA3 6.0 GBps but is reported to be backwards compatible with SATA2.
  3. Hmmm well its like 800 now for that or 928 with i5 2500k with Hyper 212 HSF... OMG

    Should I take the i3
    Should I take the i5

    WHICH i SHOULD I TAAAAAAAAAAKE? ITS FRIDAY.. no seriously though.. lol
  4. bubblehearthlol said:
    Sweet! Any difference between the mobos in terms of performance? I know they're not top end lols.

    the only difference is that the $129 one can have up to 4USB3 ports and 4USB2/1.1 ports whereas the $139 one can have 6USB3 ports and 2USB2/1.1 ports. i doubt you will even have a single usb 3.0 device but both are just as good.
  5. okay cool.
  6. are upcoming intel cpus going to be based on lga 1555?
  7. there probably will be some more for the 1155 socket, but as for sandy bridge-e, with the new LGA2011 socket, which is to replace the 1136 socket, although LGA2011 socket CPUs will probably cost somewhere in the regions of 500-1000usd (like the current 1136 CPUs).

    also Ivy Bridge (early-mid 2012) is expected to use the LGA1155 socket too.
  8. do you think this system will run mass effect 2, world of warcraft, and league of legends on max settings?
  9. well, heres WoW on ultra settings, at a higher resolution then what you were looking for:

    anything above 25FPS is playable, anything above 35-40 fps is great, anything around 50 FPS is fantastic 60+ your monitor cant even go past 60fps so its the best you can get.

    as for the other games i'd say that your setup could play those games all on max settings at 1080P with atleast 50fps+. heres a review of your card:
  10. nice thanks!

    last questions - is the stock heat sink that comes with the i3 good enough? do i need to buy cables to attach components or do those come with the system? finally, is a 550 or 650W psu good enough?
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