Will this PSU last with this 6870

ok so to make this short i'm wondering if my CoolerMaster 600W PSU would had a HIS Radeon 6870.

Im running a AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 955 Processor @ 3.2

and thats really the only thing taking up power

Im using a MSI nf750-G55 mobo but i don't think thats important.

Here is the link to the PSU i have

and heres the link to the Video Card

thanks for you help!
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  1. the link for the psu does not work what is the exact make and model of the psu? overall coolermasters are not the best but it should be fine, if you want to tell me the exact model of the psu then I can tell you whats up
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    Easily. No problem. You have 40A on your 12V rail. Your processor requires around 11A/131W (actually rated at 125W) and that video card requires around 12A/144W based on this review:

    You'll be fine with that PSU.
  3. yeah 40A on a 12v rail is plenty
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