AMD 7XXX series. What will we see from rumors/what's on your wishlist

My wish list is

6970 replacement specs
28nm (given)
900 Mhz stock core clock
dual stock fans
Support for 6 monitor on one card without external box
Drivers for PLP and infinite adjustable resolutions
75-100% X-fire scaling

What is on your wish list?
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  1. Since 32nm was poopcanned, my wish is that breaking the PCI-E spec on the current halo cards does not become SOP, and was only done to get the most out of being stuck on 40nm for the hd6/gtx5 generation. Hoping for hd6990/gtx590 Px or better at/or under 300watts

    edit: ooh, and at least 3gb vram for a single GPU..enabling higher aa/texture quality at eyefinity/nvsurround resolutions.
  2. How about something for us in the mid range.

    GTX 660 TI 512 shaders, 256bit 2gb gddr 5
    7870 1600-2000 shaders 256bit 2gb gddr5

    High end

    GTX 690 1500 shaders dual 384/512bit 3/4gb or 6/8gb :D
    7990 ??shaders dual 256/384/512bit insane vram.
  3. HD7970
    900Mhz Core
    2262 shaders
    3GB DDR5 256-512bit

    GTX 680
    800MHz Core
    768 cuda cores
    3gb DDR5 384-512bit
  4. I don't know if we will see over 2000 shaders but the interface is looking like it will be 256 bit according to rumors. You know how rumors go though.

    The other rumors about a Q2 release I guess were way off. I am thinking Q4 at this point.
  5. I think we will easily get to 2000 SP's, there are 3072 on a 6990 so i don't see why a single card wont reach 2000. the performance is obviously needed.

    What i really want to see is some serious amount of the cost savings passed on to the consumer. Now im in the UK so please realize that what is value in the USA and other places in the world is not necessarily value elsewhere.
    What im talking about is a card that has GTX 450/HD 5770 performance for a sub £100 price tag. Realistically these cards should be lower by now anyway, the only reason they are not is because there was no direct replacement for the 5770 in the 6 series line up.

    Say about 1200 shaders
    192 bit bus
    850 ish Core
    1 GB GDDR5 should be plenty.

    Mactronix :)
  6. There should be a direct replacement for Performance Stream and Mainstream.
    My Wish List

    HD 7750 and HD 7770
    Since AMD has chaneged to VLIW4 from VLIW5 Shader Unit Architecture. So they should be able to get it more tweaked. and
    for 7750
    Shader processor = 800 SP
    Memor Bandwidth = 192 bit memory architecture, 1 gb ddr5 with low level latency Texture Allocation = 48
    Rastering OPs = 24
    Max Board Power = 120W
    Idle Board Power = 15W

    So the compute power will be around 1.2-1.4 teraflops

    for 7770
    Shader Processor = 960SP
    Memory Bandwidth = 192 bit memory architecture, 1 gb ddr5 with low level latency Texture Allocation = 48
    Rastering OPs = 32
    Maximum Board power = 125W
    Idle board power = 15W
    compute power would be around 1.3-1.5 teraflops

    What do you say guys on these specs.
  7. Quote:
    Over at XS they were stating 28nm Amd cards in Q2 of 2012

    Yeah I have seen everything from Q2 2011-Q42012 so who knows. If if is in 2012 then I need to go ahead and pick up a ASUS 2GB 6970 now then.
  8. It is worth the wait for both to have 28nm out :)
  9. HD 7770 or GTX 666 :P
  10. shrkbay said:
    HD 7770 or GTX 666 :P

    its not going to be 7770 with gtx 660
    instead it will be 7850 or 7870 with gtx 660.

    look at this
    gtx 260=HD4870
    they skipped on gtx 3xx
    so gtx 460 = HD 6850
    and gtx 560 = HD 6950 1 gb or HD 6870 (90% of gtx 560)
  11. ik , but i like the numbers :P
  12. Quote:
    6870 is a 5770 replacement

    No Sorry I'm not biting today.

    Mactronix :)
  13. A reference design with 2 stocked fans sounds nice.
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