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Hi there,
I am trying to connect my sky HD box via an ethernet connection to my router wirelessly. What do I need please?
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  1. Emerald said:

    So are you saying I could use a second wireless router to bridge between the two?

  2. Yep the bridge connects to your current router wirelessly and provides you with a network port to connect to your sky box
  3. m_warwick said:
    via an ethernet connection to my router wirelessly

    I get very confused at statements like that - must be an age thing :D I don't have HD but whilst I'm sure Emerald is right, what's wrong with the four ethernet ports on your Sky Netgear?
  4. Hi.

    What it is:

    My Sky TV box is on the other side of the room to my router. Rather than running yet more wires around the room (under flooring.......etc...) I would like to connect wirelessly....

    Is it possible? Or am I just being picky?

    I have another router.....an old AOL one. Could this be used as a bridge to my current router?

    I am a complete NOOB when it comes to this stuff...... :/

    I really appreciate your help guys....... :D
  5. Sorry Emerald, just seen your reply........

    Thanks, sounds like a plan..........

    Going to see if I can use my old AOL router as a bridge...........
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